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Questions? Call 325.665.8002

We want you to have a positive bucking experience with the best bucking dummy in the industry.

  • Buck ‘Em All Dummies warranties our products for one year.
  • Warranty includes all parts except the battery.

In the event that you do have a problem please call Buddy Reynold’s cell phone: 325.665.8002.

He can help you with most questions over the phone, or you can ship your dummy back for repairs.

Repairs are made quickly; many times within one day of receipt of your dummy.  Then, your bucking dummy is shipped back promptly.

We greatly appreciate your business and we work hard to provide unparalleled repair service and products.

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Yearling Bucking Filly, Pebbles #511
This is a yearling filly, named Pebbles #511, owned by Kenny and Keri Andrews of K Bar A Bucking Horses out of Vernal, UT at the UBHA South Dakota Classic.
Buck 'em All Bucking Dummy - 15 Pound
Buck 'em All Bucking Dummy - 15 Pound

To use a Buck ‘Em All Dummy, open the lid and plug the plastic ends together. This turns the machine on.

Close and tighten the lid, and place the bucking dummy on the animal’s back, like you would a saddle on a horse.

The cinch is then pulled around the animal’s girth, and latched into place on the left side of the dummy.  A flank rope can be incorporated with the dummy for simultaneous release.

After your animal explodes out of the shoot and your feel it is time to take off the Buck ‘Em All dummy, simply mash the button on the remote.  This releases the latch and the dummy will come off the animal.

When you are done bucking your stock, open the lid and unplug the plastic ends. This turns off the machine.

Prior to the next use, charge the dummy for a few hours.

NOTE: Do not oil the latch, this will cause dirt to clog it and prevent it from releasing properly. If you need to clean the latch, use spray contact cleaner or alcohol, and blow it out with an air hose.

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