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Hard working help picking up our bucking dummies at the Waln Ranch n Rodeo in South Dakota.
Hard working help at the Waln Ranch n Rodeo in South Dakota. Their family holds the UBHA South Dakota Classic event every year. Martin, South Dakota 2015
The History of Buck 'em All Dummies

Bucking dummies have been around for decades. All sorts of ideas were utilized to see if a farm or ranch’s livestock had any aptitude for the sport of bucking. Buddy Reynolds and Bob Wilfong were there from the start of competition buck outs for young bulls.

Field Tested by Bob Wilfong and Endorsed by Dean Wilson

In 2001, Buddy and Bob provided the young American Bucking Bull Incorporated (ABBI) with equipment that could safely allow two and three-year-old bulls to be bucked in futurities and derby’s. Buck ‘Em All Dummies were used exclusively in the ABBI futurities for the following several years.

In 2004, ABBI held their first futurity with Buck ‘Em All Dummies as their official machine. Since that time hundreds of bulls have been bucked with our equipment, a lot of times hundreds in one weekend, with little or no trouble.

In 2005, Buck ‘Em All Dummies partnered with the National Bucking Bull Association (NBBA) in providing quality dummies for bucking bull futurities. Buck ‘Em All Dummies can be seen at all NBBA sanctioned events today.

In 2012, Buck ‘Em All Dummies introduced a new lower profile machine with improved battery technology.

Buck ‘Em All Dummies strives to keep livestock safe and comfortable while providing an exceptional opportunity for the highest performance of livestock. With product improvements such as lighter weight, lower profile, and longer battery life, Buck ‘Em All Dummies has evolved into one of the most trustworthy and safe bucking dummies on the market today for cattle and horses. This dummy has an ergonomically correct hinge design that keeps it in place as your livestock jumps, kicks, turns back and spins.

Buck ‘Em All Dummies can be found Nationwide, in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

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About Buddy Reynolds

Buddy Reynolds, of Eula, Texas, is a born and raised cowboy. Following in his father’s footsteps of riding bucking horses, Buddy began riding bucking horses at the age of sixteen. He progressed through the American Junior Rodeo Association (AJRA), the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) and quickly moved into the professional ranks. From 1980 through 1984, Buddy qualified for the National Finals Rodeo four times in two different events, bareback riding and saddle bronc riding.

Currently, Buddy is a reserve official for the PRCA. Backed with the knowledge of what it takes to get to the NFR in the rough stock events, Buddy has a strong, first-hand understanding of bucking livestock.

In addition to judging, Buddy co-founded and now operates Buck ‘Em All Dummies, to facilitate delivery of quality, ergonomically correct, consistent working dummies. Buck ‘Em All Dummies is a family owned and operated company. Each dummy is handmade to ensure the highest of quality and craftsmanship. All repairs, replacements and updates are made as quickly as possible so you can get back to bucking.

Buddy with his wife, Arlette, raised two daughters, Bailey and Loralee and have lived in Eula since 1992. They have a small farm, and run commercial cattle and sheep.

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